iLEAP exists to create more social justice and equity in the world and to lift up and sustain the community-based leaders who are the center of social change. We believe that, if we grow, transform, and connect these people that it will lead to stronger communities, countries, and less human suffering in the world.


Who Do We Serve?

iLEAP serves emerging and established social leaders across cultural contexts and economic divides. We serve those who have demonstrated some or all of the following characteristics:

    • Readiness of their internal and external worlds
    • Leadership background and/or potential for impact
    • Demonstrated passion, integrity, and urgency to create social change
    • Mission & values fit with iLEAP

What Do We Do?

iLEAP designs and delivers a transformational leadership experience that can be customized to fit a wide range of contexts (cultural, regional, issue, economic) and lengths of time. We partner with organizations and institutions who align with our mission, vision, and values to secure resources, identify the right participants, and create unique programs that are consistent with our mission and values. These programs may be funded as fee-for-service or through grant-making and may focus on a target population, issue, or part of the world.

iLEAP also maintains our own Signature Programs that are focused on the most established and networked social leaders and seek to create “impact networks” of graduates that grow our vision to create more social justice and equity in the world.

Our training curricula are centered around learning themes of social innovation and leadership and balances personal inquiry and reflection with social action and collaboration. Each training integrates different learning modalities including reflective, didactic, experiential, and collaborative.

We also develop our programs in close partnership with nonprofit organizations, associations, businesses, and universities in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the United States. Some of these include the International Development Exchange (IDEX), US-Japan Council, MicrosoftCenter for Courage and Renewal, and the TOMODACHI Initiative.

What Are We Growing?

At iLEAP we are building impact networks of graduates around the world who are linked through their commitment to social change and personal leadership. We have over 500 graduates in nearly 40 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and support their work through national and/or regional gatherings and on-going communication and consultation. Our working title for these efforts is reLEAP.  You can learn more about one of our recent reLEAPs in Central America by clicking here.

About Our Logo

Our brand mark represents the idea that our smaller parts equal a larger whole. In this case, the small parts represent ideas, individuals, voices and communities that come together to equal change, transformation, and a larger global community. The illusion of movement evokes the sense that ideas and individuals grow and expand in and out of the iLEAP stratosphere and correlates with how individuals connect and evolve throughout their iLEAP experience.

Through our programs we inspire social leaders that go on to ignite social change. This goal has been encapsulated to form our tagline.

At iLEAP we also inspire and facilitate: Transformation, Communication, Hope, Cross-cultural Ties, Empowerment, Individuals, Community Support, Global Impact

The Elements of our Logo

ILEAP Logo Parts

1. Our Colors >

Our color palette is bright and uplifting. The overlapping and transparency richens the color palette to encompass and universally speak to our global community.

2. The Overall Shape >

The overall gestalt of the circles represents what happens when individuals and ideas come together and move through and around each other. It is solid but it evokes community and evolution of thought.

3. Our Tagline >

Our tagline summarizes our mission. The alternating colors allow the eye to read it in both ways – we are both inspiring and igniting both leaders and change.

4. The Circles >

The circle shapes represent ideas and individuals. They have a buoyancy and movement that represents the transformation and the inspiration that happens to our fellows as they move through our program and each other’s lives.

5. The Type Treatment >

The iLEAP type hierarchy represents the idea that our programs encourage our participants to engage and push big ideas forward with a big “LEAP.” While the small “i” represents the individual – it is small to take the emphasis off the individual and focus it more on the big picture.