Paul Samba

Paul Samba, 2009 iLEAP Fellow, Zambia

Teen Empowerment Uganda (TEU)

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Paul Samba has served as Director at Chipembi Farm College (CFC) for over a decade where he continues to develop and direct educational and training programs. These programs provide students and local community members with the skills and knowledge to address issues of food security, sustainable agricultural production, effective communication, and environmental protection. Mr. Samba is constantly searching for new ways to better serve his students and reach out to small-scale farmers across Central Zambia. While CFC often faces challenges in the way of financial hardships and farmers Einitial distrust of sustainable agricultural practices, Mr. Samba focuses on creative solutions to develop CFC’s resources and partnerships with local organizations and communities.Samba Community Pic
CFC is located in Zambia’s Central Province just 40 kilometers north of the nation’s capitol, Lusaka. CFC is an educational institution dedicated to training and inspiring a new generation of successful and sustainable Zambian farmers. Combining seminar courses with practical field work, CFC empowers student farmers to utilize local resources, sustainable agricultural practices, and appropriate technology to improve livelihood security in rural communities while protecting the local environment.

I understand iLEAP in three-folds…self-development, community and environmental improvement and development, and global growth and connection. I invite you all to come to Zambia and learn about this, how we are all connected.