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Become a Homestay Host

Opening your home to a grass-roots leader from Africa, Asia, or Latin America is a life-changing experience for both you, your family, and the iLEAP visitor. Click here for more information on how to become a homestay host.

Frequent Flyer Miles

Perhaps the largest collective expense in iLEAP’s programming is airfare. This to due to the fact that we bring program participants to Seattle from all over the world. Your Frequent Flyer miles can make a difference in helping us to defray these high costs.


We have a large and growing library–full of texts on leadership, development, social thought, cooking and more. Our program participants make good use of this resource and we would welcome your relevant texts!


Space Rugs and Furniture

Our space is nearly 5,000 square feet and we are always on the lookout for large rugs and carpets and nice furniture. These items not only beautify our space, but they can provide an important acoustic function as well.