• 2018 Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos June 10 – June 30 (3 Weeks)
  • 2018 Summer TOMODACHI August 1 – August 24 (3.5 Weeks)
  • 2018 iLEAP Japan Global Leadership August 27 – September 14 (3 Weeks)
  • 2018 Summer International Fellowship September 9 – September 29 (3 Weeks)
  • 2018 Fall International Fellowship October 29 – November 18 (3 Weeks)

Take advantage of an exciting opportunity to engage in cultural exchange with grassroots leaders from around the world! From Japan to Haiti, Kenya to Guatemala, emerging and established social leaders from ages 18-45 come to Seattle for up to 5 weeks. During their time in Seattle, they participate in one of iLEAP’s several intensive leadership training programs during the day and enjoy spending time with hosts during evenings and weekends.

Homestay Families with iLEAP Graduates

Streeter Family with iLEAP graduates Jonah Mutesi and Mary Tal Yuin (left), Salverda Family with iLEAP Graduate Shota Eda (right)

Become a Homestay HostHosts are an integral part of learning for iLEAP participants, often providing unique perspectives. Hosts with young children often benefit from the exposure to different cultures and languages, starting them on the path to being globally minded. We have heard many stories of hosts and participants staying in touch for years to come, with some hosts visiting and being hosted by their participants in their home countries.

When you become a host, you:

  • Create memories and build lifelong intercultural friendships.
  • Expose yourself and family members to global citizenship.
  • Enrich you and/or your family’s experience learning about the culture of the person you host.
  • Become an ambassador, sharing you and/or your family’s culture and lifestyle.

Interested? We’ll support you all the way.

iLEAP provides:

  • Exceptional participants: Our leadership programs are competitive, requiring a rigorous interview process. They are smart, engaged and excited to share their lives with you and for you to share your lives with them!
  • Preparation: iLEAP participants are self-sufficient and use public transportation. Our staff are available at all hours to provide assistance and make sure you have a positive experience.
  • A weekly stipend for hosts: While many choose to donate it back to iLEAP, stipends are provided to ensure that hosts are comfortable providing for participants.

Hosts provide:

  • Home environment: treat your guest as part of the family!
  • A private room and bed: 2 participants can share a room, each having their own bed.
  • Meals: breakfast, packable lunch, and dinner.
  • Location near a bus line: within 45 minutes commuting distance to iLEAP.

Apply to be a Homestay Host

To host a global leader in your home, click to apply or contact
our Relationship Manager, Stacey Miyahara at  or call 206-588-5327.