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You can inspire and sustain social change around the world. 

Thanks to the support of our generous global community of support, we have been able to grow and deepen our programming to the point where we now have nearly 400 graduates from 32 countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. These remarkable leaders have returned home filled with greater inspiration, new skills, and a powerful network of partnerships that enable them to lead lasting change in their communities.

We do this work because we believe that our graduates are the catalysts for large-scale social transformation. Our graduates touch and impact thousands of lives and often serve multiple roles as they work to create a just and thriving world.

Mabilia Mary Prakash

We believe in graduates like Mabilia Carolina Joj Ojer from Guatemala who works with rural women on business and entrepreneurship. In April 2015 she shared that, “iLEAP taught me how to value myself much more as a person and as a leader. It impacted my life by amplifying my vision as a woman, as an indigenous woman, and as a female leader.” Mabilia’s work with rural and indigenous communities is an important part of the new vision for a rapidly changing Guatemala.

We believe in graduates like Prakash Tyagi from India who leads one of India’s most successful NGOs focused on gender rights, water security, agriculture, animal husbandry and food security as well as education, health and elder care. Since its inception in 1983, Prakash’s organization has touched over 50,000 families across 850 villages in Rajasthan reaching a population of over 1 million, and has established over 1,100 Community Based Organizations. In October 2015 Prakash told us that, “iLEAP gave me a chance to re-energize, replenish and re-focus myself and my work. I was able to both learn new things and also share my experiences with my colleagues in the program.”

We believe in graduates like Mary Yuin Tal from South Africa who is working with refugee women and children to foster healing and transformation among themselves and their host communities by cultivating hope, social justice, and improved self-esteem. In October 2015 she proclaimed that, “iLEAP allowed me to know who I am and how to build my life. It also helped me to re-find my power and I could not have taken so many difficult decisions and stand before you today without iLEAP.” Mary’s capacity to sustain her leadership is now more important than ever with the recent rise in xenophobia and violence against refugees in South Africa.

After eight years of doing this work, we know that leaders need time and space to renew themselves if sustainable social change is to become a reality.

Over the past year, your support has enabled us to deepen our existing programs as well as launch a new program initiative called reLEAP ( reLEAP was created as a tangible expression of our organizational commitment to our graduates, and our belief in the depth of relationships—to ourselves and each other—to ignite and sustain social change. The 1st reLEAP was held in El Salvador in spring 2015 and we look forward to a reLEAP in Seattle in fall 2016.

We could not have launched reLEAP without the support of individual donors.

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Your gift will enable iLEAP to continue growing and innovating through initiatives like reLEAP. Your gift will also allow us to continue building and strengthening our growing network of courageous, innovative, and committed social leaders who are working for justice, peace, and equality.

Please make a gift to support iLEAP’s transformational and vital work with social leaders.