First week reflections – Edwin Vallecillo


EdwinWhen I was asked if I wanted to participate in the iLEAP Global Leadership program for NPH, I was very excited. It sounded great…fancy, you know. Nobody is really thinking about leadership where I am; it’s often thought that you become a leader when you receive a nomination for an important position. People work hard to climb the ladder as a form of seeing themselves as leaders.

Before coming, I felt stressed about being with a new family and people I don’t know. I felt stressed about using the bus, traveling every day to new places, and doing all these things in English. But when I arrived I immediately felt the love and enthusiasm our host family have for me and my roommate. On the first day of the program, iLEAP gave us a great welcome. I didn’t know most of the other participants in the program and was wondering “How is this going to be? Are these people nice?” But after a few icebreaker activities to get to share our passions and dreams, there was no more worry.

In the first week, we approached various ideas about what leadership; I am learning that is a process. Leaders aren’t born; they are made step by step. One of the first steps is to know myself, my inner world. Normally we don’t explore ourselves, we don’t think about our gifts, and it has been great to explore it, to have the opportunity to stop for a while and be a deep and active listener. I have learned so many new concepts that I am trying to write as many down as I can, not only in my journal but in my being in order apply all the new knowledge in my daily actions. The experience so far has been incredible, productive, and I am ready to absorb as much as I can to be a better person and a better leader.

Thank you to NPH for understanding that this is necessary and for iLEAP, who really does a great job doing what they do: inspire leaders.

Edwin Edgardo Vallecillo Betancourth is a doctor in Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Honduras. In addition to the medical services he provides for the children within the home, Edwin also works with local low resourced communities in Tegucigalpa to organize health services and optimize the quality of care they receive. Within the home, Edwin leads his team ensuring that work is carried out efficiently and properly. Edwin is a natural problem solver. When there are challenges, he values the power of teamwork in order to overcome obstacles. He strongly believes that teamwork in a strong, happy environment generates trust and respect.

After his sister, Miriam, returned from the iLEAP Global Leadership Program, Edwin saw her growth and transformation back in Honduras. Edwin hopes that iLEAP will give him the chance to meet other strong leaders who have aspirations to improve their colleagues, organizations, and create better partnerships. He will utilize this opportunity as a chance to tell others that NPH is a family-oriented institution that is creating strong leaders to improve the world around them.

Caitlin Terashima

Caitlin Terashima

Caitlin is a graduate of Seattle University, where she studied Humanities for Teaching and Spanish, and has a love of international travel. Her experience conducting research on the effects of gender for a micro-finance organization in Ghana, living and studying in El Salvador for four months, and on-going volunteering with a community development organization in Mexico have instilled in her a love of learning outside of her comfort zone and a passion for international community development work. The relationships she formed while abroad have shaped her life and passions, and reinforced within her the importance of relationships and community. In her free time, Caitlin loves baking and cooking for her loved ones, exploring, taking walks, and travelling.