New Opportunity – Doris Lemus


Doris LemusThank you to NPH and iLEAP for the opportunity to participate in this program! It has been one of those things that makes me feel so happy and blessed.

Returning to Seattle and seeing everyone I haven’t seen for several years is really wonderful. At the same time, I am excited to meet new people with new knowledge and participate in this program with fellows from different countries who are also eager to learn.

It has been two weeks and iLEAP is becoming more interesting with many new topics, ideas, and examples of leadership in everyday life that make me think about my work, my life, and the changes I’d like to make in my environment. Often, I am so dedicated to work that I neglect other things, but iLEAP has made me believe that we not only have to work for a company or an organization, we also need to have time to work on ourselves, learn about our limitations, and how to be resilient in stressful situations when we feel like running away.

Many times my host family ask me about my day and about the program. I love to share with them and, in some cases, attempt to say more and ask questions about things I don’t understand. They always help me with what I need and I am happy to see them again and.

The past two weeks have been a great experience with many things to share, high expectations for the future. This is one more opportunity for me to grow professionally, personally, and try to contribute to the change of the society

Thank you NPH and iLEAP for the opportunity and believing in us.

Doris Lemus is currently finishing her practicum in Psychology at the Universidad de Modular Abierta. Through her practicum she has had the opportunity to work with diverse populations of people from children, to domestic violence survivors, to the elderly. Doris aims to generate change in people in order to help individuals visualize the difference they are capable of making. In 2012, Doris participated in the NPH Seattle Institute where she spent 9 months learning about leadership and improving her English at Seattle Central College. The Seattle Institute was a significant growth in her leadership and personal development.

Doris is looking forward to the iLEAP Global Leadership Program as an opportunity to gain the tools needed for working with people towards being able to help themselves and others. She sees her time at iLEAP as preparation for her future.

Caitlin Terashima

Caitlin Terashima

Caitlin is a graduate of Seattle University, where she studied Humanities for Teaching and Spanish, and has a love of international travel. Her experience conducting research on the effects of gender for a micro-finance organization in Ghana, living and studying in El Salvador for four months, and on-going volunteering with a community development organization in Mexico have instilled in her a love of learning outside of her comfort zone and a passion for international community development work. The relationships she formed while abroad have shaped her life and passions, and reinforced within her the importance of relationships and community. In her free time, Caitlin loves baking and cooking for her loved ones, exploring, taking walks, and travelling.