SIIS Farewell-Posting: Ayumi Sakazaki

Chips and Realchange, both are $1.

Chips and Realchange, both are $1.

(1) What have you been most impressed with during your time in Seattle?

It is that “I bought a Real Change newspaper” experience on the way to 10,000 in the morning.
I was so sad that the vender didn’t work with his dignity, he begged me to buy it.

I saw many Real Change venders in Seattle, I exchanged glances with them.  I talked 3 venders during my stay in Seattle and he is one of them.

The most impressive what he said was “Selling Real Change is better than nothing.”

What’s the difference between he, one of “The Real Change Venders”, and beggar?
I had been thinking “Real Change is changing homeless people, beggar to vender. Selling and buying a Real Change is a trade between people stand on an equal footing”.

But it’s not true. Not every vender.
He really want money to live. To eat today. No matter it’s innovative approach or not.

This is reality in Seattle. That’s why Real Change, Fare Start, many NPOs are working hard in Seattle.
So, how come I care about it’s innovative approach or not?
How come I study about social innovation?
They are fighting to live, to solve problem, against reality with seriousness.
I am just watching it anytime I want, like a TV show, saying “Oh, it’s interesting!” “Wow, it’s cool!”.No risk. No seriousness.

And I talked about it with Izumi at the coaching session before 10,000. I got so excited and cried and she offer me to have an absence if I wanted.

I asked Stacie, volunteer coodinaor of 10,000, that I want to have an absence and took some rest.I walked to Green Lake and took some naps.

After I woke up, I took a bus to down town and went to FareStart’s Guest Chef Night.

It was a hard day.

(2) What have been your best memories?

My best memory is our last class on last Tuesday.

I share the “I bought a Real Change newspaper” experience and I found that I spoke to SIIS participants not to our teacher, Britt.

I looked at each one of my friends. It never happend on our first day in Seattle. We haven’t known each other at all.

Thank you for your reading. And thank you for everything.