Deborah Streeter – Board Member Extraordinaire

Deborah (center, pink shirt) with iLEAP board members, staff, and Joey the black lab.


Here at iLEAP the word “ignite” has special significance and, if you are familiar with our mission statement, you’ll know that it is at the core of what we do: to ignite hope and transformation in the world. We use this word because it is full of energy and passion and encapsulates the belief that small actions have the potential to create great change. Fortunately for iLEAP, we have among our great board of trustees one member who has epitomized this ideal throughout her many years of service for our organization.

You may have known by now that the Seattle Met magazine awarded our very own Deborah Streeter as the Extraordinary Board Member of 2015.  In a philanthropically rich city like Seattle, with hundreds of charities and easily thousands of board members, garnering such a recognition is no small feat.  Having worked with Deborah over the years, we have no doubt that it is well deserved.

The Met highlights Deborah’s omnipresence at iLEAP, doing everything big and small – being Board President, hosting participants in her home, leading workshops, stuffing envelopes, and even unclogging toilets at our office (in a formal dress no less) – but those of us who have had the good fortune to work with Deborah know that behind her brilliant smile and intense passion is an enduring humility that drives everything she does.  There is no task too menial and no person too trivial for Deborah.  Her approach remains the same whether working with a young intern or a renowned leader from Africa.

We are grateful to have benefited so much from Deborah. Please join us in our appreciation of a truly extraordinary board member, supporter, and friend.

Bao Nguyen

Bao Nguyen

To Bao, life is like a good motorcycle ride. There are long straights that just beg the rider to hunch down, open the throttle, and become the wind. At times, hopefully often, the road curls into twists and turns, asking honed concentration and skill to take over. Rider and machine perform a complicated dance across the pavement, to the music of cylinders and tires. Every mile is different and there is always something new to learn.

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