iLEAP/NPHI Global Leadership Intensives

iLEAP/NPHI Global Leadership Intensives

Julio Cesar is from El Salvador and comes to iLEAP through our partnership with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH). Since 2014, iLEAP has been engaged in a wide-ranging partnership with NPH that encompasses regional trainings in Latin America and leadership programs in Seattle, including the program that brought Julio to Seattle. The NPH Seattle Institute welcomes a class of six Pequeños/as each September for a 10-month personal formation and study program. According to the NPH website, the mission of this program is, “to continue Father Wasson’s legacy by developing a future generation of leaders for our NPH homes.  Our curriculum is based on principles of servant leadership and grounded in our NPH philosophy.  The small size of the program offers the capacity to engage in challenging and rigorous personal and group work, as well as the ability to adapt to the needs of each student.”

Recently, Julio blogged at the NPH Seattle Institute site about his experience in iLEAP and it was so great that we have cross-posted it here!


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by: Julio, NPH Seattle Institute, Class of 2016 (in his own English!)

iLEAP is a non-profit organization that helps social leaders and global citizens to improve their skills and inspire them to continue their amazing labor of change in their communities. iLEAP is an international leadership training. It has participants from 32 countries around the world.

iLEAP now is working with NPH, so is having a huge impact in the life of the pequenos. The actual group of Seattle Leadership Institute is attending one iLEAP ‘s program, the group is formed by: Irene (Mexico), Suyapa (Honduras), Mirna (Nicaragua), Alberto (Haiti), Jonathan (Guatemala), and my person, Julio (El Salvador). There are six countries that could have six potential social leaders, so that’s the impact that iLEAP has in people around the world. The program consists in develop important topics like: leadership foundation, social business, small group challenge, and so on. They have a schedule of each session. Our group has only attended the first session and we have already learned so much. It is an interesting and invaluable training; I hope this program last so long.

Their vision transcend barriers, I mean can be a bad situation people is facing, but this organization don’t have excuses for don’t do anything, instead they’re inspiring social leaders, in order to improve their performance in their own communities.

That’s it what I want to highlight, NPH has to face adversities all the time. Like government and social issues. We the pequenos need to be prepared for face these situations. What a better org to achieve that goal that iLEAP as NPH partner!

After living this program, is expected that people return to home and make more changes in their communities. I think iLEAP and NPH shares the same goal, which is helps social leaders to grew as humans. They are inspiring the people who will change and transform the world. I invite anyone who would like to join this amazing program and meet them. I am sure you will not disappointed about learn with them! Thanks iLEAP stuff for open us the knowledge gate, Thanks to Britt (founder), Izumi (associate director), Caitlin (Global programs coordinator), Kei (Japan programs coordinator), Bao (office coordinator) and trustees, thanks all for make iLEAP possible.

Julio Cesar

NPH Seattle Leadership Institute 2015-2016