Public Speaking Sessions at iLEAP Pay Off!

Public Speaking Sessions at iLEAP Pay Off!

Greetings from the North East of India! I hope you all are well.

I am sharing pictures of my recent talk at the Indigenous Terra Madre held in Shillong ( I was invited to give the keynote address at one of the plenaries. As you probably know from my time at iLEAP, I am a very nervous public speaker.

The organiser, a very senior person retired from the FAO, would not take no for an answer and so I agreed. Yes, anxiety and nervousness were all there. But I thought a lot of my time at iLEAP and learning how to tell a story clearly and is it is. So that is what I did and prepared for and I have to admit, that things went well and a lot of people said so.

Sunita at ITM 2, low res

Sunita on screen, low res

Sunita at ITM 1, low res

Sitting closest to me (the man with the white hair) is Pat Mooney who was a panelist. He is a veteran activist who has been in the field for 50 years and I was so honoured to be sharing that space with him. He told me that I was very clear and that was enough of a compliment to me to know that the message had gone out on behalf of the women of Vanastree. Winona la Duke was there too at the gathering. She had spoken earlier – very powerful.

Just thought you would be happy to hear of this. Thank you for all your encouragement during the fellowship and after. I am not sure how to share this with the rest of the iLEAP group – the pictures or the message that it is important to speak of our work (preparation and practice do help – I actually went on without a script and it worked!) and it can be done in a powerful, yet under stated and dignified way.

Best to all at iLEAP.


Sunita Rao (IF 2012 India)

Sunita Rao (IF 2012 India)

Sunita Rao is founder of Vanastree a seed savers collective in India and has spent more than a decade planting seeds, literally and figuratively. She has discovered the value of allowing her efforts to flourish through the actions of others.

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