Reflections from Cesario Lobos Fajardo

2016 NPH & NPHI

Cesario (back row, third from left) with participants from the 2016 NPH Global Leaderhip and NPH Leadership Institute programs.


In 2013, I had the opportunity to come to Seattle to learn about leadership development through the Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos Leadership Institute. During the time afterward, I was often wondering whether I am really passionate about what I am doing – do I need to keep up or quit?

I am fortunate again to return to Seattle, this time in the NPH Global Leadership program with iLEAP. In the past two weeks, the program has helped me answer my question by giving me tools to discover and nurture skills that I didn’t know I have.

Besides helping me grow as a leader, iLEAP is providing me with important lessons about self-care and self-control. Much of what iLEAP does is about the INDIVIDUAL because, so much of the time, great leaders are already thinking about others and what they can do to improve the capacity of those they work with.

What iLEAP and NPH have in common is that they both develop and grow future leaders who are able to give back to the communities they live in. Even though neither organization expects me to stay and serve them, they expect that everyone they work with to go on to develop other people’s abilities and create a “chain of favors”, as I like to call it.

I am grateful to have this great chance to nurture myself with new ideas, new challenges, and new inspirations on the paths in front of me. For sure I will affect others with all that I am learning at iLEAP.

Britt Yamamoto

Britt Yamamoto

Some years ago Britt came upon the Raymond Williams quote that, "to be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing." Along these lines, iLEAP was created as a radical ideal, a welcome home amidst all the social and ecological ill that surrounds us, firm in the belief that what the world needs now are more inspired and renewed social leaders who have the capacity to change the world. Oh, and to laugh a, a lot, along the way.