Reflections from Daniela Candelario

Daniela Candelario

Daniela Candelario from the Dominican Republic during a session on leadership styles.


When I first started the Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH) Global Leadership program in Seattle with iLEAP, I thought it would simply give me tools to influence others, techniques to become a better leader in NPH, and I would learn more English and American culture.  But being on the third week of the program, I realize that iLEAP gives me more than that – it is an immersion in yourself to discover who you are as a person, as a leader, and to help me value diversity and multicultural exchange.

In this short time I have learned about leadership styles which has helped me discover who I am as a true leader and my strengths and weaknesses.  This will also help me to better understand other leaders.

Now I understand that a good leader cannot have just one style of leadership but must have a good combination of many for every situation.  I will be better at managing my staff and working as a team. I recognize the value of less talk and more listening as well as keeping an open heart and mind.

I thank God for this opportunity.  iLEAP has instilled in me the desire to take on a new path, a new project, perhaps a new company, but whatever it is, I will have a social impact.