Aaron Bukenya, Uganda

Aaron Bukenya

iLEAP International Fellow, 2018

Aaron’s Story

Aaron was born and raised in Wanteete Village, where he excelled in his primary schooling, prompting him to move to Kampala, Uganda’s capital, to pursue advanced education. He was the only one amongst six siblings who attained high school, because his parents could not afford to send all of the children. Additionally, during his visits back and forth home, Aaron began to notice the gap between himself and others his age due to his opportunities. “It was not because I was more clever than they were, but that they simply had no opportunities or access to quality educational resources.” This realization was the root and catalyst to create Bugerere Education Support Organization (BESO).

Aaron serves as the Executive Director of BESO, which serves disadvantaged children and women in the rural areas of Uganda. Their approach is centered around families, putting them first to allow access to higher quality education and economic empowerment they may not be able to reach on their own.

Aaron’s vision centers around a world of equality and social justice. He is already hard at work on this dream, and has already seen impressive success with BESO, but knows that there is a long way to go: “(We have) provided 2,600 children access to quality education and implemented agriculture and business training initiatives to over 2,400 rural women farmers in Bugerere County.”