Ana María Cua Bulux, Guatemala

Ana María Cua Bulux

iLEAP Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Global Leadership, June 2017

Ana María’s Story

Ana Maria currently works as the Human Resources Coordinator for Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Guatemala. She is a cheerful, perservering person who loves to serve others.

Prior to her position as Human Resources Coordinator, Ana Maria worked as the assistant to the previous coordinator, as well as the high school coordinator. In these positions, she supported and managed NPH’s administrative and operational activities. She also coordinated programs and projects which worked to care for the youth/adolescents of the community.

Through her time at iLEAP, Ana Maria is looking forward to learning new skills and sharing her experiences. She also seeks to strengthen her leadership skills, and further develop and expand the organization’s services for children.