Atsuko Suzuki, Japan

Atsuko Suzuki

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Summer 2017

Atsuko’s Story

Originally from Fukushima, Atsuko is majoring in International Relations at Tsuda University.

Atsuko is interested in community development especially from the aspect of disaster prevention, and how a strong community can positively affect the recovery from natural disasters. She believes that a community’s bond greatly affects their willingness to help each other, and noticed that after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami the regions with stronger ties had fewer victims.

Atsuko is currently a member of “Wakariyasui (means ‘easy to understand’) Project,” an organization which provides an opportunity to discuss and learn more about the Fukushima nuclear plant. Atsuko has also learned about the concept of “resilience” after how people outside of Japan often described Japanese people as resilient after the earthquake. She believes that raising more resilience in each community will strengthen Japanese society where natural disasters cannot be avoided. In the effort of creating more resilient communities, Atsuko wants to establish a local gathering space to connect elderly people, adults and children through family events and community garden.