Billy Jean, Haiti

Billy Jean

iLEAP Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Global Leadership, June 2017

Billy’s Story

Billy Jean is a student about to graduate from university, who also serves as the Year of Service Coordinator for NPH Haiti. He is an open-minded individual who enjoys meeting new people and learn new things.

Billy grew up in the Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos community in Haiti. He has demonstrated his leadership within the organization through his current position by overseeing youth who are preparing to attend university. Billy supervises them in their different departments, as well as planning and executing monthly workshops that assist in their development.

With his time at iLEAP, Billy is looking forward to improving his leadership skills to be better equipped when facing challenges in his life. He also sees this as an excellent opportunity to expand his involvement with NPH, and wants to develop Haiti’s education system to be more effective in the community.