Celson Enrique Rivera, Nicaragua

Celson Enrique Rivera

iLEAP Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Global Leadership, June 2017

Celson’s Story

Celson Rivera is a bilingual receptionist at Hotel Real Intercontinental Metrocenter in Managua, Nicaragua. In the workplace, Celson continually puts in positive energy to try and create a joyous environment, despite difficult situations with frustrated guests, and through his time here has learned the importance of patience. He is known for being responsible and believes in a goal-oriented mindset that allows for clarity with how to move forward.

Celson’s work experience began with Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Nicaragua serving for three years as an educator, or fondly called “Tio” at NPH. He worked with youth in a variety of educational capacities. Following this, he then assisted in food management, aiming to ensure nutritious meals, and additionally served as a driver for NPH. Celson is also a graduate of Seattle Institute.

Through his time with iLEAP, Celson hopes to acquire more knowledge and develop his skillset that would allow him to serve with a more human centered mindset. Eventually, he hopes this will lead to being able to provide for his family, and furthermore, allow him to give back to his own community, while also work to support other impoverished areas in his country.