Chan Yau Chong, Hong Kong

Chan Yau Chong
Hong Kong

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change

Chan Yau’s Story

Chan Yau Chong is a social entrepreneur and advocate for social justice. President of the Hong Kong Blind Union, Chan Yau has fought tirelessly to prove that blindness is not the obstacle in society, but rather, it is the attitudes, policies and practices that limit potential. He encountered his first struggle for equality when seeking admission to a mainstream school as a child and this catalyzed a lifelong commitment to social change, including revolutionizing braille production in China to make books more accessible for the blind. His work is not only focused around providing equity to those facing discrimination, but has expanded to other marginal groups and broader international issues.

Chan Yau wears many hats, including the Director of EL Education, Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities, Chairman of the Dialogue in the Dark, and Chairman of Carbon Care Asia. He has also served as an Administrative officer in the Hong Kong Government and Executive Director of Oxfam Hong Kong. His passion has always been centered in achieving social changes through innovation and advocacy, whether it is on causes of social inclusion, climate change and promoting global citizenship.

Chan Yau’s vision for the world is for people at the community level to harness economic, socio-political and technological solutions to address the problems they face irrespective of national, racial, religious, language, gender, disability and other identities.