Edgar Ignacio Avila Elizondo, Nicaragua

Edgar Ignacio Avila Elizondo

iLEAP Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos Global Leadership, June 2017

Edgar’s Story

Edgar Avila currently works as a Visitor Coordinator for short-term volunteers with Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos Nicaragua. He sees himself as a friendly, helpful person with a strong character in difficult situations.

Edgar’s leadership with NPH Nicaragua can be traced back as early as 2005, when he served as a visa volunteer coordinator. In this position, he handled all the necessary paperwork for long term volunteers to receive a yearly visa granted by the Nicaraguan government. In addition to this, Edgar has also served as a special projects coordinator, where responsibilities included overseeing budgets and quotes for children’s educational, nutritional, and medical needs.

Edgar is looking forward to his time with iLEAP and hopes to learn new skills that will allow him to improve the conditions of his own community, as well as those surrounding his. He envisions himself promoting alliances that will make basic needs for the poor more accessible, specifically, to allow children more opportunities for a better education.