Emiri Obata, Japan

Emiri Obata

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Summer 2017

Emiri’s Story

Originally from Nagano, Emiri is majoring in Business Administration at Hosei University.

Emiri’s dream is to save young students’ lives from suicides or suicidal issues since she herself suffered through a painful experience of being bullied. She wants to help young students gain a broader view of others and learn about diversity so that they can understand that each person is different and those differences are positive, so people who are different do not need to struggle with being different from others unlike her experience.

After going back to Japan, Emiri is planning to start a new project called “Future Kitchen.” Future Kitchen is a kitchen that provides junior high school students who have issues with school or family a connection with adults who they can freely talk to. She is planning to rent a living space and kitchen in a share house once a week, for making meals and interacting. The participants will be junior high school students, the residents of the share house, and adults who live in the local community. Young students can talk to adults while making dinner together and through these interactions gain broader perspectives.

Through the TOMODACHI-Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Emiri looks forward to reflecting on herself and confirming her core values in life to advance her project ideas.

Britt Yamamoto

Britt Yamamoto

Some years ago Britt came upon the Raymond Williams quote that, "to be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing." Along these lines, iLEAP was created as a radical ideal, a welcome home amidst all the social and ecological ill that surrounds us, firm in the belief that what the world needs now are more inspired and renewed social leaders who have the capacity to change the world. Oh, and to laugh a little....no, a lot, along the way.

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