James Toomey, Australia

James Toomey

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change

James’ Story

James Toomey’s strong belief in the importance of fairness and the desire to see a more appropriate distribution of wealth led him to embark on a lifelong journey working toward social justice. Born in the UK, James began his career joining the Metropolitan Police in London while subsequently training as a social worker. He then practiced as a child-protection social worker for five years before developing his management career in the field of social welfare.

James moved to Australia in 2009 with his wife and two children and is currently the Executive Director of Operations and Fundraising at Mission Australia, a 155 year old nonprofit organization whose mission is to help vulnerable Australians by combatting homelessness, assisting disadvantaged families and children, addressing mental health issues, and fighting substance dependencies. As a senior executive, James facilitates the delivery of Mission Australia’s services and programs in ways which alleviate suffering and oppression.

His vision for Mission Australia is to boldly engage in activities designed to resolve, not merely ameliorate the experiences of poverty and oppression. He aspires to invest in long-term preventive systemic approaches, rather than cyclical short-term interventions.