Jiro Muraoka, Japan

Jiro Muraoka


Jiro’s Story

Originally from Saga prefecture in Kyushu, Jiro is a farm owner in Miyagi prefecture in Tohoku. He quit his job to volunteer in Tohoku after the earthquake happened. He wasn’t thinking to become a farmer in Tohoku at that moment. He went to the U.S. to get agriculture training after the volunteering. This training and visiting Tohoku made him decide to start organic farming in Miyagi prefecture. It has been 3 years since he started farming. With his working experience at the farmer’s market in the U.S., he holds a small farmers market in Sendai city and sells his vegetables while communicating with customers in person. He attended the Slow Food Festival in Italy last year, and took the organic leadership training from IFORM. Jiro desires to tell people the social meaning of food. He is hoping to meet peers who can build a community together in Japan, to learn more about agriculture and have broader perspectives through this program.