Keiho Sasamori, Japan

Keiho Sasamori

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Summer 2017

Keiho’s Story

Originally from Hokkaido, Keiho is majoring in Burmese at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.

Keiho is simultaneously concerned by the lack of value placed on humanities fields and by the lack of educational opportunities in Myanmar. His experiences in academics have taught him that those not studying STEM can be ostracized and accused of uselessness. But Keiho believes that there is great value in humanities work and phenomenal opportunities for collaboration towards innovation if academics in STEM and humanities fields collaborate.

Keiho is working alongside others who create dialogue-based workshops in Japan, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together, especially from humanities and STEM fields, creating trust and collaboration between participants. However, Keiho’s dream is to create dialog-based workshops as a specialist in Myanmar one day. His vision is to contribute to opportunities for innovation between higher education students in Myanmarese society.

Keiho has found his experience in leadership to be difficult. Through the TOMODACHI-Microsoft Social Innovation and Leadership Program he hopes to understand his core and explore his weaknesses so that he can become a stronger leader.