Kenta Ishikawa, Japan

Kenta Ishikawa

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Spring 2017

Kenta’s Story

Originally from Saitama, Kenta is majoring in International Relation at Waseda University

When Kenta traveled to Cambodia and worked as an intern at Refugee Assistance, he began to realize how much in life he had taken for granted. Seeing children deprived of education due to their refugee status shocked and pained him. As he travelled across Cambodia, Kenta saw the harsh reality of poverty and how much it affected children. It was during this time Kenta realized that no matter what he did in life, he wanted to make sure he made a meaningful impact that helped change the developing world and somehow created a better future for the children living in poverty.

Kenta is currently pursuing a degree in International Relations, with issues focused on children and poverty, child labor, child soldiers and lack of education. His vision is to ultimately work with Japanese business and help them enter foreign market in developing countries. Kenta believes if Japanese companies start doing businesses overseas, they have the ability to bring change in the local market by bringing in Japanese technology, increasing development and hopefully improving the quality of life for the people there.

Through the TOMODACHI-Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Kenta hopes is to learn more about social enterprise and the leadership involved in social business.