Kimihiko Sato, Japan

Kimihiko Sato

iLEAP TOMODACHI Social Innovation in Seattle, 2015

Kimihiko’s Story

Born in Toyama and living in Miyagi, Kimihiko is currently in his fourth year at Tohoku University studying Education.

A lover of travel, Kimihiko has various overseas experiences throughout the world, including the United States, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Taiwan, Serbia and Kosovo. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, Kimihiko was moved to support the rebuilding process and opened a market called a marché, which uses local vegetables from Tohoku. From this experience, Kimihiko recognized the limitation of working alone, while the importance of working with a team became clear to him. Currently, he is working with his peers creating a business plan focused on education and IT.

Through his participation in the iLEAP SIIS TOMODACHI Program, Kimihiko hopes to see what entrepreneurship looks like in the U.S. He is looking forward to learning about successful business models so that he can bring what he’s learned back to Japan and share with other entrepreneurs in the Tohoku area.