Klaikong Vaidhyakarn, Thailand

Klaikong Vaidhyakarn

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change

Klaikong’s Story

Klaikong Vaidhyakarn is a pioneer whose vision is to use Technology and Data to solve social problems related to health, poverty, education, environment and democracy in Thailand. He is the Director of SocialTech, a non-profit organization focused on using technology to support Social Innovation and promote civic technology.

As part of his vision, Klaikong spearheaded the much needed focus on access to open data in Thailand, which promoted unlocking of many social problems through genuine open government information. In the past five years SocialTech, in partnership with the Electronic Government Agency, has been supporting Thai government’s efforts in making public data more transparent.

Klaikong also believes in the important role technology plays in educating the new generation on social innovation. He has organized multiple youth focused technology camps, such as Mekong ICT Camp Project, which ran several regional technology programs in Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam, and brought together civil society organizations and journalists to explore low-cost technology solutions.