Kohei Narita, Japan

Kohei Narita

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Spring 2017

Kohei’s Story

Originally from Aichi, Kohei is majoring in Law at Tokyo University

Kohei believes innovation is absolutely vital for the longevity of everything we do. Since he was a young boy, Kohei had the opportunity to live in various parts of Japan and appreciate the beauty the whole country had to offer. However, he is now witnessing the slow decline of rural areas due to urban migration and the local economies suffering throughout the country. Kohei believes the solution to this problem is innovation and getting young people active and more involved in their own community.

As part of his effort to bring about change, Kohei is currently working on designing and managing a summer program. The theme of the program is innovation and he believes encouraging young university students to go do innovation workshop with local high school students will create both awareness and appreciation for local culture.

Through the TOMODACHI-Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Kohei hopes to get more exposure to innovation in the United States, along with meeting new people who share his passion for social change and exchanging knowledge.