Koichi Nakamura, Japan

Koichi Nakamura

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Koichi’s Story

Koichi Nakamura strongly believes that equal access to education is the key to long term success for any society. His vision of ‘No one left behind in learning’ led him to start his non-profit organization – EBoard, which provides free online education for children in Japan.

Before starting Eboard in 2011, Koichi was working as a prep school teacher while getting his degree in Osaka University. It was during that time he saw the recurring problem of gaps in education and the need for accessible resources, especially for those living in poverty and rural areas. Eboard gives both online and offline support for teachers and volunteers in schools, as Koichi believes it is not enough to just provide educational materials; the children also need effective methods and technical support in their learning.

Koichi sees the importance of innovative and cost effective methods to tackle problems in the education sector of Japan and is working to make a model that could be used to solve other social issues his country faces. Koichi’s effort to change the way education is accessed has gotten him the prestigious Ministry of Education in E-Learning award in Japan. Koichi hopes to use technology as a way to both solve social issues and scale social impact in Japan.