Kyouka Yamaguchi, Japan

Kyouka Yamaguchi

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Spring 2017

Kyouka’s Story

Originally from Iwate, Kyouka is majoring in Education at Iwate University

Kyouka dreams of becoming a Junior High school teacher. She truly believes that children are the future and wants to be a key part in developing a generation of leaders. Kyouka herself was in Junior high when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck her hometown in Iwate and her life changed forever. One of the things that struck her the most during the time was the overwhelming support she saw pouring in from all over Japan and the world. She not only felt great amount of gratitude but also saw that in times of need, the world does become one.

Kyouka strongly believes that history and important experiences should be passed down to generations. By being a Junior High school teacher, Kyouka is hoping to cultivate young minds and be part of an initiative in which she will be contributing to the reconstruction of the Tohoku area. She also wants to take the concept of being “Glocal”, a combined form of ‘global’ and ‘local’, and bring that thinking to Japan. She thinks it is important to be thinking from a global perspective and apply that knowledge in a regional context, especially in areas pertaining to environmental issues, regional development, politics and economics.

Through the TOMODACHI-Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Kyouka hopes to learn how to think more in a global perspective so that she can go back to japan and act from a local perspective.