Lucy Luna Guzmán, El Salvador

Lucy Luna Guzmán
El Salvador

iLEAP International Fellow, 2018

Lucy’s Story

Often described as fierce and a force of change, Lucy is an iLEAP graduate returning home to Seattle. She first came as an iLEAP Fellow in 2011, a time she vividly remembers – “We built things that we would never have imagined, from the very recognition that to learn we must rebuild the fighting soul, because when you give it your all and are also a woman, you have very few opportunities to find yourself, your dreams, fears, strengths, struggles and visions of present and future.”

Lucy’s journey has led her to become the Executive Director of ASAPROSAR, an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for the neediest families in El Salvador by providing health, education, environment and economic development programs.

Lucy began her career in women’s empowerment and community development in 1999 with the Gender Program World Conservation Union, surveying women leaders in local NGOs. In 2000, Lucy joined ASAPROSAR as Coordinator for the International Assistance Program, which empowered the poor through healthcare, youth leadership training, education, micro-credit, and development. In 2005, Lucy became the unit manager for ASAPROSAR’s children and youth programs where she created a new program, the “Barefoot Angels” program, which specifically works providing education opportunities for children 7-18 years old. Through hard work and dedication, Lucy has embodied the mission of ASAPROSAR, which now serves approximately 140,000 persons living on the margins of society in extreme poverty.

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