Mabilia Carolina Joj Ojer, Guatemala

Mabilia Carolina Joj Ojer

iLEAP International Fellow, 2010

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Mabilia’s Story

Mabilia has worked at Fundacíon de Asistencia para la pequeña Empresa (FAPE) since 1998, traveling throughout Guatemala and working with hundreds of women on micro-credit a private, non-profit Microcredit organization with an objective to provide small loans to small business owners. FAPE was founded over 25 years ago with a strong social mission to help improve the lives of Guatemalans living in poverty. FAPE works primarily with women and in communities with little or no access to traditional credit and financial services. FAPE also incorporates entrepreneurial trainings and encourages saving in an attempt to drive improvement in both business and at home. FAPE partners includeNamaste & KIVA. She works not only with women on issues of microcredit, but also on issues of self-esteem and gender empowerment, through education and leadership skills. As the Program Coordinator at FAPE, she has developed a team of lenders who help women throughout rural Guatemala, providing training and guidance. She also gives lectures to banks on the importance of women in the community and how micro-credit can improve the community as a whole. Mabilia continues to develop her skills and in 2007, started at the university to improve her work as coordinator in FAPE.

“I feel that opportunities in life should not be missed, I like to work hard, learn and truly, interacting with people and meet new friends and of course always looking for ways to be better. I’m ready to work hard and commit to give my best and take the maximum advantage of the program.”

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