Mabune Fukasawa, Japan

Mabune Fukasawa

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Spring 2017

Mabune’s Story

Originally from Nagasaki, Mabune is majoring in International Relation at Waseda University.

Mabune has great interest in the concept and workings of economic development and welfare economics. Through her studies, Mabune came to realize how important it is for societies to promote diversity and create a space for communities to interact with one another in order to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. She feels that her generation is missing out on having a real connection with one another and within their community because they don’t have an appropriate platform. Mabune also believes people in Japan are unable to enjoy life as they often feel suffocated due to the immense pressure that comes from the labels society puts on them. Mabune hopes to study and find an answer to people’s happiness through the lens of welfare economics.

Mabune also has great interest in travelling and living in both developing and developed country, wanting to understand how societies function in different parts of the world. Having had the opportunity to work in Nepal by providing disaster support relief after Nepal’s devastating earthquake, Mabune values the importance of global exposure and challenging oneself. Through this experience, she hopes to enhance her own knowledge of how societies define happiness.

Through the TOMODACHI-Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Mabune hopes to have time to reflect on her leadership skill and learn from other participants, while also experiencing the diverse life Seattle has to offer.