María Bernarda Jiménez, Guatemala

María Bernarda Jiménez

iLEAP International Fellow, 2014

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Bernarda’s Story

Bernarda is the Monitoring and Evaluations Coordinator for Asociación ALAS (WINGS), a nonprofit organization that provides access to reproductive health services and family planning education throughout Guatemala. Bernarda has been working in the area of family planning and reproductive health since 2011 and, through her work, seeks to empower and amplify the voices of Guatemalan women.

When describing her hopes for the future of Guatemala, Bernarda believes that “it is possible to live in a country where the lives of women are respected, protected and valued, where our cultural differences become integrated into our reasons to unite, and where we are aware of the needs of others.”

Bernarda sees the iLEAP program as an opportunity to grow professionally and reignite her commitment to social change.