Master Xian Du, China

Master Xian Du

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change

Master Xian Du’s Story

Master Xian Du’s journey to become a monk started when he internalized the teachings of Buddha on the “Impermanence of all things”. As he delved into learning and practicing Dharma, he felt a deep joy in his heart which he had never experienced before. This led him to want to help disseminate the teachings of Buddha in the hope of bringing more happiness to people.

Before joining Longquan Temple, he went to college and pursued postgraduate education in computer and Information Technology. He is currently in charge of the information technology work and is the Director of Artificial Intelligence and Information Technology Center. His role is to organize and manage the center’s Masters, full and part-time volunteers, while ensuring everyone has been assigned their designated work. He also manages communication with visitors who come to the temple.

Master Xian Du’s vision is to devote himself to the practicing and teaching of Buddhism and to bring happiness to all beings through what he has learned.