Master Xian Xin, China

Master Xian Xin

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change

Master Xian Xin’s Story

Master Xian Xin is an optimist who hopes to become a successor of Dharma, a thinker of times, and a Dharma communicator of the world. After becoming a monk and joining the Longquan Monastery, Master Xian Xin was filled with a sense of responsibility to help their monastery become the center of Buddhism with the hope of gradually benefitting more people around the world. As the Founder and Director of the Information Center, he leads the center by following the principle of ‘seeking ultimate value beyond the life of technology”.

Master Xian Xin leadership has led the center to become a platform for not only IT development, but also Buddhism practice and as a communication platform for people from all walks of society. The Information Center has opened a door to computer technology to promote the ancient and profound Buddhism to the modern world, as well as a window for the youth to learn Chinese Buddhism and Chinese traditional culture to recognize their social responsibility and obtain ultimate belief.

In February of 2016, Master Xian Xin was assigned to be the Director of the Communications Department, which manages the official website of the LongQuan Temple and handles all other related communications work.