Maud Lhuillier, Cambodia

Maud Lhuillier

A Cloud for Social Good: Transformative Leadership for Change

Maud’s Story

Maud Lhuillier, Cambodia/France Maud Lhuillier is a true believer in building bridges and connecting worlds. She is an advocate for ‘education for all’ as she knows it is the key condition to a ‘better life for all’. Born and raised in France, Maud’s philosophy has always been about ‘giving back and sharing around’ – which has led her to work towards making a difference in society. Her beliefs, hopes and experiences were fully realized when she began working at Passerelles Numeriques (Digital bridges), a transformational nonprofit which supports underserved youth in Asia through IT education. “PN” helps young people build their employability through education in the digital industry, and leverage their potential and willpower by allowing them and their family to escape poverty in a sustainable way, while also contributing to the social and economic development of their country.

As the Asia Director, Maud, based in Cambodia, manages and supports Passerelles numériques’ operations and sustainability. She is currently working on recruiting, installing the ‘PN Asia Office’ to implement a more responsive and agile organization, and preparing PN’s reflection on future steps and achievements.

Maud’s future vision involves working towards creating an organization where philanthropy, awareness, field action, and business all find a common sustainable expression, and a world where leaders of business ‘world’ fully grasp the critical role of their organization and work towards tackling social and environmental issues.