Miho Kazama, 2012 SIFJ

Miho Kazama
2012 SIFJ

Communications Coordinator
Think the Earth

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Miho’s Story

Think the Earth engages in four major types of activities: networking with companies, NPOs/NGOs and private individuals, project development and service provision, providing learning opportunities and information on Earth-related topics, and supporting work to build a better future for children around the world. Think the Earth places emphasis on building relationships through business relations to build mechanisms in society. This approach is based in the belief that good social relations can leave the Earth a beautiful place for the next generation, and public relations can create opportunities to think about our relationship to the planet. After 3/11 Miho is committed to the work of building dialogue to find solutions and contribute to the world as a global citizen. Through the SIFJ, Miho has heard what professionals think about how the world should be, regardless of the barriers and challenges. To have a beautiful and rich world Miho wants to explore what we can do for short and long term social innovation plans such as 10, 50 and 100 years into the future.