Mikiko Makka, Japan

Mikiko Makka


Mikiko’s Story

Originally from Hirono-cho in Iwate prefecture, Mikiko was born in a family where many of her relatives, including her father, work in the fishing industry. Because of her background, she started working at a nationwide restaurant after graduating from college, wishing to revive country areas through food. During the 7 years of educating franchisees, managing a store, and working in human resource education, she worked in cities on the west side of Japan. Since the Tohoku Earthquake, her desire to revitalize the food industry in country areas increased even more, she decided to return to Hirono-cho. She joined Hironoya corporation, the fishery company in Hirono-cho in April 2016. Mikiko tells the customers good points of their food as well as does marketing for their stores. She also promotes food from Hirono-cho to the market in Taiwan as an executive director for the Kita Sanriku Brand Project.