Miori Kashima, 2012 SIFJ

Miori Kashima
2012 SIFJ

Representative Director & Founder
Omni Bus

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Miori’s Story

Since 3/11, Miori has been leading various kinds of volunteer work such as cleaning up mud, providing information and delivering supplies in the Tohoku area. However, Miori came to realize there are critical problems that cannot be solved by only doing these kinds of immediate and more reactive tasks. Miori also thought that it was important to work with local people in order to improve the situation little by little. Miori launched Guruguru Cheer up Supporters/Omni Bus as a transportation service for people in the Tohoku area. The Tsunami washed away hospitals, supermarkets, schools, and other buildings and there are many people who still cannot get out of their temporary housing due to a lack of transportation. Currently, her focus is on providing the “Kodomo Guruguru Bus” (bus services for kids to support children to learn in school and participate in club activities) and the “Shopping Bus” (bus services for people who need to go shopping). To make these projects sustainable and ongoing, Miori is learning through trial and error.