Misora Ochi, Japan

Misora Ochi

iLEAP TOMODACHI Social Innovation in Seattle, 2015

Misora’s Story

Originally from Kanagawa, Misora is in her second year at Hosei University studying Management.

Misora has committed herself towards the concept of “Ekkyou”, which means to venture into the unknown world by yourself, share your perspectives with new people, and widen your view. After volunteering in Tohoku, Misora realized how much healing the region still needs, and felt compelled to practice part of “Ekkyou”, and share what she learned with those around her. Having served as captain of her high school handball club, she believes that it is necessary for leaders to have a clear vision and dedicate themselves to encouraging their followers. Continuously motivated to try something to new, Misora joined the yacht club her freshman year and learned to importance of objectivity and identity.

Misora is looking forward to the iLEAP SIIS TOMODACHI Program and hopes to channel the experience into exploring her vision that Japan can achieve a healthy work and life balance.