Momoyo Morimoto, Japan

Momoyo Morimoto


Momoyo’s Story

Momoyo is a cooking specialist in Yokohama-city in Kanagawa prefecture. After 10 years of working as a pastry chef, she became sick, and then started working at an organic restaurant in Kichijoji called Taihiban. She recovered from her illness by fasting and shifting her diet to fermented foods and organic vegetables. With the concept of ‘you are what you eat,’ she wondered how to eat vegetables which are directly delivered from the producers, how to hand down traditional food culture (especially fermented food), agriculture, and dairy farming to our current diet. After the events of 3/11, Momoyo has been aspiring to develop products in the cafe she works using produce and ingredients from the Tohoku regions to revitalize the food industry and to fight the stigma that still exists regarding consumption of produce from that region. She wants to take this concept of ‘you are what you eat’ and bring it to Tohoku, as she sees there is a growing need for the region’s agriculture to be viewed in a different light.