Natsumi Mishio, Japan

Natsumi Mishio

iLEAP TOMODACHI Social Innovation in Seattle, 2014

Natsumi’s Story

Natsumi is in her second year studying English and International Relations at Nagoya College. In addition to studying at the university, she is also teaching Japanese to University English Teachers and has also acted as a volunteer translator for AHI (Asia Health Institute). Despite having to overcome extreme challenges, still humbled and grateful Natsumi explains, “(translated) I am deeply thankful to the many people who have helped me overcome my 10 years of hardship so that I could discover what I love, what I should do, and what my purpose is.”

Natsumi excited for the iLEAP SIIS TOMODACHI program and to come to Seattle. During the program, she hopes not simply to discover how a leader should be, but what kind of leader SHE should be.