Naw Ohnmar Shwe, Myanmar Burma

Naw Ohnmar Shwe
Myanmar Burma

iLEAP International Fellow, 2014

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Ohnmar’s Story

Ohnmar is the Program Manager at Gaia Sustainable Management Institute (GSMI), a local NGO in Yangon, Myanmar. GSMI seeks to empower grassroots and marginalized communities through capacity development for grassroots organizations and individuals, with the belief that personal transformation leads to social change.

Since 2001, Ohnmar has been working in peacebuilding and community development. Ohnmar’s calling lies in community development and capacity building and she describes her vision as being “a light for others…in order to help people move forward in their path.”

Ohnmar sees the iLEAP program as an opportunity to “expand my learning as well as reflect on myself [while] building networks with other participants, peer educators, and professionals of diverse backgrounds.”