Nelly Fernandez, Spain

Nelly Fernandez, Spain

Nelly Fernandez
Central America & Caribbean/Spain

iLEAP International Fellow, 2018

Nelly’s Story

Nelly is a community health advocate with a broad skillset — as a psychologist, a teacher, or a trainer with children, adolescents, adults, and those with special needs. Originally from Spain, she currently serves as the Mental & Reproductive Health Coordinator of Medical and Family Services for Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos International.

Nelly’s dream is to keep working towards creating mentally healthy communities, empowering youth and those working with youth, through expressive arts and self-awareness. The purpose being to reflect on the vision they have for their own life, and engage in other world issues they find are important to them. She believes in the healing power of being able to connect with oneself and sharing this knowledge with others.

Nelly sees a future where its mental health sector has higher, better developed standards of care, and hopes to develop a comprehensive curriculum that covers issues such as “gender equality, assertiveness, self-awareness, sexual education, healthy relationships, and emotional intelligence.” She is determined to be part of the direction that works toward the upbringing of mentally and emotionally healthy individuals.