Nicholas Foong, Malaysia/Singapore

Nicholas Foong

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Nicholas’ Story

With an MBA in Marketing, Nicholas (Nick) Foong has over a decade of marketing experience in industries ranging from fast-moving consumer goods to technology and communications. He is currently the Director of Services at Yayasan Generasi Gemilang, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of under-served children and families by increasing access to quality education in Malaysia.

Nick has been involved with youth development work for 7 years, especially in Cyber Wellness, and engages adults in the area of Digital Parenting. Having a young child, he has taken an immense interest in research surrounding digital parenting and wants to push this agenda as he believes it is his way of leaving an impact and legacy in Malaysia. Nick also provides leadership oversight for the Children, Family Services, and the Communications team. His vision is to ensure work by his team is done with integrity, excellence, and a humble attitude.

Having lived and worked in America, Singapore, Thailand and currently in Malaysia, Nick is someone who has a unique set of multi-cultural experiences which has influenced his outlook in life and allows him to appreciate social and cultural connections in many level.

Britt Yamamoto

Britt Yamamoto

Some years ago Britt came upon the Raymond Williams quote that, "to be truly radical is to make hope possible, rather than despair convincing." Along these lines, iLEAP was created as a radical ideal, a welcome home amidst all the social and ecological ill that surrounds us, firm in the belief that what the world needs now are more inspired and renewed social leaders who have the capacity to change the world. Oh, and to laugh a, a lot, along the way.

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