Nicole Santamaría, El Salvador

Nicole Santamaría
El Salvador

iLEAP International Fellow, 2014

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Nicole’s Story

Nicole is the Secretary of Asociación Colectivo Alejandría, a collective of transgender and intersex people seeking to promote awareness, provide training and education, and advocate for their community. Nicole is also a member of the Salvadoran Network of Defenders of Women’s Human Rights and a facilitator of varying workshops.

At her core, Nicole is an artist, designer, facilitator, and therapist who has transformed her “artistic skills into tools for social design.” She describes herself as a “woman in constant construction and destruction because [she] believes in the evolutionary nature of the human being.” Nicole dreams of, and has dedicated her life working towards, an El Salvador free from violence, in which human life is valued and recognized as the lifeblood of the country.

Nicole views the iLEAP program as an opportunity to gain tangible skills to bring back to her communities in El Salvador and to connect with the diverse group of fellows.