Patience Musiwa, Malawi

Patience Musiwa

iLEAP International Fellow, 2018

Patience’s Story

Patience’s vision revolves around the existence of an “inclusive society, that discovers, develops, and celebrates talent,” emphasizing individuals’ abilities rather than disabilities. Still in her mid-twenties, Patience serves as the Founder and Executive Director for Fount for Nations, an organization that aims to innovate educational systems in Malawi. Their approach begins with the empowerment of teachers, by providing them with additional skills training and tools to enhance engagement of students with special learning needs. With stable resources for the teachers each term, there is an increase in their motivation to better serve students.

As Fount for Nations continues to develop, Patience envisions that in the next five years, they will have expanded their programs to a larger number of communities around the country. This would mean enhanced create arts programs, volunteer models, and a published curriculum of “creative teaching methodologies for children with special needs contextualized for Malawi and neighboring regions.”

Currently, Patience leads a team of 5 staff and 23 volunteers that serves around 400 people in two districts in Malawi. She fully believes in the potential of each member of the community. Patience is inspired by those she works with, and values their understanding of their individual roles that contribute to the success of improving learning outcomes.