Prakash Tyagi, India

Prakash Tyagi

iLEAP International Fellow, 2013

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Prakash’s Story

Prakash is the Executive Director of GRAVIS, a development organization in India that was founded by his parents in 1983. GRAVIS works for the empowerment of the Thar Desert communities, based on the Gandhian philosophy of self-reliance. Prakash’s own personal passion lies in healthcare, which directly ties into his work at GRAVIS. He admits that “healthcare is close to my heart and is an area of my expertise” which leads to his professional goal in life: “to extend and strengthen my knowledge in healthcare sciences to benefit the most needy and vulnerable.” Through Prakash’s work in GRAVIS, a hospital was built in the rural Thar Desert which is not only serving the urgent needs of the community, but also providing health education programs with focus on sexual and reproductive health for young people. Prakash views the iLEAP Fellowship as an opportunity to expand and grow his leadership abilities. He recognizes the importance of learning from other grassroots leaders to enhance his own personal growth which in turn, will prove to benefit GRAVIS. “Participation in iLEAP will provide me an excellent opportunity to learn from and network with fellow grass-root leaders of the developing world,” he explains.“With the knowledge and experiences gained and connections made with the grassroot leaders of the developing world, I envision serving my organization and communities in more effective ways.”

Prakash comes to iLEAP through a partnership with the International Development Exchange (IDEX). Since its founding in 1985, IDEX has supported more than 500 grassroots, community-led projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Annually, IDEX’s partners serve approximately 1.2 million people in impoverished communities, including marginalized women, small farmers, indigenous communities, low-income urban residents, sexual and ethnic minorities, and youth. Click here for Prakash’s profile on the IDEX site.