Ryo Furuya, Japan

Ryo Furuya

Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Summer 2017

Ryo’s Story

Originally from Hiroshima, Ryo is majoring in Language Culture at Yamaguchi University.

Ryo’s dream centers around improving the way food waste is handled and dreams of eliminating the human concept of “throwing away.” He became interested in this after noticing the way the homeless struggle from a lack of accessible food while frequently seeing edible food constantly being thrown away. While food waste is recognized as a social issue in Japan, Ryo does not believe there are enough people working to solve it, which encourages him to take action.

In addition, Ryo would like to create a sustainable community centered around mentorship. He hopes to provide opportunities through a series of events that would support younger students, as well as cultivate more international perspectives. He is passionate about this because of his belief in the power of education, and its ability to transform a student’s life.

Through the TOMODACHI-Microsoft iLEAP Social Innovation and Leadership Program, Ryo wants to experience first hand how companies such as Starbucks and Amazon deal with food related issues. He is excited to refine his view on leadership, gain new skills, and enhance his ability to sense the community’s needs.